Why Have an Eye Exam?

Why Have an Eye Exam

Vision loss can happen to anyone, at any age, but many people aren’t aware that 75 per cent of vision loss can be prevented or treated. That’s why visiting Doctor of Optometry regularly is so important.

Your eyes are for life – and unless you take care of them, you could be at risk of losing a lifetime of sight and so much more.

What to expect during an eye exam?

Visit your Doctor of Optometry? Don’t be nervous – getting an eye exam is easy. Here’s a step-by-step primer on what you can usually expect…

  1. Pre-testing
    First, you’ll be pre-tested, likely by a technician or an assistant. This consists of a series of tests, which may include a “puff test” (a quick puff of air against the eyeball) to measure your internal eye pressure and detect glaucoma.
  2. Meeting your doctor
    Next you’ll be introduced to your Doctor of Optometry who will take a thorough case history.
  3. Testing your eye power
    Your Doctor of Optometry will measure your prescription or the power of your eyes to determine if you require eyeglasses, and, if so, how strong they should be.
  4. Looking closer
    You’ll be examined with a device called a slit lamp. This allows the doctor to examine the front of the eye including the eyelids, corneas and pupil reflexes.
  5. Getting eye drops
    You may then have drops put in your eyes to dilate your pupils. They take about 15 minutes to take effect.
  6. Further testing
    After your pupils have dilated, your Doctor of Optometry will continue to examine your eyes to check for any abnormalities or causes for concern, again using the slit lamp and a specially designed head lamp. The whole exam usually takes about 30 minutes.
  7. Final recommendations
    After the exam is finished, your Doctor of Optometry will review the results and talk with you about their recommendations.
To read the original article published on visionhealthmonth.cnib.ca, click here.

Make an appointment – make a difference!

We hope this article has inspired you to visit your local optometrist. Your vision is priceless and a thirty minute appointment once a year is certainly something you should be able to commit too. Getting your eyes tested regularly will help you stay on top of your general health, eye diseases and even headaches!

Want to schedule an eye exam at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore? You can schedule an eye exam online here, or call 407-767-5600


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