How to Choose Contact Lenses

How to Choose Contact Lenses

Have you recently found out from your Optometrist that you need to be fitted for corrective lenses?

Contact lenses can be really simple to wear, but they can also be a hassle if you don’t choose the right ones for you. It’s very simple to choose the perfect contact lenses, so don’t let that stop you from getting contacts.


  1. Go to the eye doctor. The eye doctor knows best, so you should definitely stop by your optometrist so they can make some recommendations for you.
  2. Choose hard or soft lenses. There hard two main types of contact lenses: hard lenses and soft lenses. Nowadays, most people wear soft lenses, although there are pros and cons to both:
  • Soft Lenses: More comfortable to insert and to wear, but absorb pollutants (soap on your fingers, etc.) more easily, which can irritate some eyes. They are also less durable and can rip/tear easily.
  • Hard Lenses: Hard lenses are the best solution for certain problems (ask your optometrist about whether that applies to you), and they are more durable. However, they are less comfortable than soft lenses.
  1. Figure out how long you want your contacts to last. Depending on what you need your contacts for, and your personal preference, choose how long you want your contacts to last before you dispose of them. There are many varieties: annuals (disposed once a year), monthlies (disposed once a month), bi-weeklies (disposed once every 2 weeks), weeklies (disposed every week), and dailies (disposed after every day).


  1. 4.     Try them out. Ask your optometrist if you can test a couple different brands or lengths of time (dailies, weeklies, etc.) to see which ones you like. Wear the samples and figure out which ones are easier to insert and take out, which ones are the most comfortable, which ones don’t irritate your eye, etc. Doing so will help you make a more informed decision.


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If you’re on the fence regarding contact lenses or eyeglasses, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. If you love to play sports, contact lenses might be a good choice. Another option is buying both – contact lenses and eyeglasses. This way you can have the best of both worlds!

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