How to Extend Contact Lenses

With proper care and cleansing during normal daily wear, you may significantly extend the life of your contact lenses. Always follow the instructions and guidelines provided by your eye care doctor relative to the specific directions for wearing and caring for your contact lenses. If care is not taken when using contact lenses you could potentially develop a serious eye infection that will ultimately make wearing your contact lenses very uncomfortable until the condition clears up. Here are some helpful tips on how to extend contact lenses.

  1. Make sure your hands are thoroughly clean before handling your contact lenses. Traces of dirt or oily residue from makeup, cleaning supplies, toiletries, etc. will contaminate your lenses and cause potential problems by irritating your eyes.
  2. Clean your contact lenses daily with a solution especially designed for this process. When wearing your contact lenses, be aware that some over-the-counter eye drops may not be recommended for use. If you are unsure, contact your eye care doctor to inquire about suitable eye care products.
    • It is important to keep the cleaning solution sterile and clean. Do not let the tip of the solution bottle come into contact with any surface. Do not touch the tip of solution bottle with your hands, even if you think that they may be clean.
    • When cleaning your contact lenses do not use tap water. Although water from the faucet may be clean, there could be microorganisms living in the water that could cause potential problems. Also, consider that some tap water may have a high concentration of minerals that could damage your contact lenses.
    • If you wear makeup, remember to always insert your contact lenses first. This will help to prevent getting any of the makeup on the contact lenses. At the end of the day, remove your contact lenses first and then take off the makeup.
  3. Do not wear your contact lenses during sleep unless you have a prescription for an extended wear pair of contact lenses that are designed to be worn on a continual basis. If you wear a regular pair of contact lenses during sleep you may experience problems removing them the next morning as your eyes will become dry during the nighttime hours.
    • When outdoors in direct sunlight, you should either wear sunglasses or have a pair of contact lenses that filter the ultraviolet rays and provides protection for your eyes. A normal pair of contact lenses will not shield your eyes from the sun.
  4. Go to your eye care doctor if your eyes become infected while wearing contact lenses, making sure that you remove them immediately. Never wear another individual’s contact lenses and do not share your own contact lenses with others.
  5. Visit your eye care doctor on a regular basis. You should get your eyes checked regularly as you may need to change or upgrade your current pair of contact lenses as you become older and your vision changes. With proper care, cleaning and maintenance, you can extend the life of your contact lenses.

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