How to See Better when You’re 60 and Beyond

Does the phrase “eyesight improvement with age” seem like a contradiction in terms? Is it possible to reverse age-related vision decrease, or is worsening eyesight just one of those things we’ve got to accept as we get older? Eyesight improvement with age is indeed possible – and it’s easier than ever to learn about ways to improve your vision, no matter who you are.

How to See Better when You're 60 and Beyond

  1. Understand what causes eyesight to deteriorate with age. There are many reasons eyesight can diminish with age. Sometimes, vision loss is associated with diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is a preventable disease – in fact, all you’ve got to do to stop most diabetes from occurring is to eat right and get plenty of exercise! A sedentary lifestyle hurts in many ways – this is just one of those.
  2. Do research about whether or not glasses and contacts weaken your eyes. There is some controversy surrounding whether glasses or contact lenses weaken your eyes over time. Current medical knowledge suggests that they do not weaken your eyes, nor do they improve the eyes themselves. Contacts and eyeglasses are simply tools that can help you see better – nothing more, nothing less. However, they do tend to stagnate your vision which usually leads to worsening your current eyesight condition
  3. Try natural vision improvement techniques such as eye exercises. You may discover that you need less and less vision correction as time passes.
    • YouTube is a good source of videos for beginners.
  4. Avoid, manage, or minimize stress. Stress can damage your eyes – so it’s no wonder that so many people find that they need to constantly increase the power of their prescriptions as the pressures of life add up. Could stress reduction help to improve your eyesight, along with the quality of your life, overall? This is certainly something to consider.
  5. Eat healthy. As our lives get busier, we have a tendency to stop eating healthy foods at home, in favor of mass-produced convenience foods. As a rule, the more highly processed the foods we eat are, the less nutritious they are for us. Eating whole foods from natural sources is a great way to improve your health – and studies show that some foods like salmon, spinach, and sweet potatoes are beneficial to our eyesight. You cannot harm yourself by eating a more healthful diet – so start eating well right away.

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By getting your eyes checked regularly, you’ll be able to keep them healthy your whole life. Neglect can be costly!

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