How to Look Cool in Glasses

Glasses are awesome fashion accessories, but sometimes people will make fun of you for wearing them. Here’s how to stay cool.

  1. Choose Eye Glasses. If your mom/dad has recommended something for you, don’t be so fast to blow it off. Just because your parents like it, doesn’t make it an instant “no”. After all, they’re the ones who can see them.
  2. Pick glasses that reflect your personality.
  3. Don’t act any different because you have glasses. You’re you, that’s that.
  4. Learn to like your glasses. A typical stereotype is “Girl/Boy with glasses is a “geek”. Ignore it. Glasses are so you can see clearly. They don’t label you. Keep that in mind.
  5. Keep them in the best possible condition. Clean your glasses. Be careful not to drop them, don’t get the frame or lenses scratched, and make sure you keep them clean. Wash them daily, water will work just fine if you’re not so sure about cleaners.
  6. Get a nice case that works with your glasses.Pick one that YOU like.
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