How to Make Your Eyes Stop Hurting After Swimming

When you come back from the pool, you may notice that your eyes are red and burn. This is probably because of the chlorine in the pool that you went to. To learn how to treat this annoying problem, there is a solution.

How to Make Your Eyes Stop Hurting After Swimming

  1. Tell which eye hurts the worst. Decide which one stings the most and burns the most. This is because only one eye can be treated at a time with this method. If both of your eyes hurt equally, then it doesn’t matter which eye you choose to treat first. Try not to do both eyes at once, which might worsen the problem.
  2. Go to a sink. It doesn’t matter if the sink belongs to the pool staff or if it’s at your house. Push the handle that releases hot water. Slowly bend down into the sink, with your eyes facing the ceiling.
  3. Put your eye directly under the water. Don’t let the water be too cold or hot. Try to open it if the water isn’t running at too fast of a speed. Let the water wash out the chlorine that was in your eye by keeping your eye there for a few minutes. ‘Do not put soap on your eye, as this will cause the irritation to grow worse.
  4. Change which eye is under the sink. If your left eye was there first, put your right eye under now. Or, if your right eye was under the water first, put your left eye under second. Leave this eye under the sink for a few minutes as well, and follow the same procedure at you did for your first eye.
  5. Dry off your eyes with a towel. Make sure you do not dry them off with the beach towel you were using, as this is wet with chlorine from the pool. If your beach towel that you brought along has not been used yet, then it is alright to dry your eyes off on that towel.
  6. If you have eye drops use them, but don’t over use them.


  • Don’t go into the pool anymore for the day after you follow this procedure. If you do, then you will have to keep doing this over and over again, which could just make your eyes hurt more.
  • If you are a parent with a child that is too short to bend into the sink, try wetting a paper towel or washcloth with warm water from the sink. Have your child place this over their eye for a few minutes. Then, switch the eye it is over.
  • Try wearing goggles next time to avoid this problem.
  • Try starting to wear goggles before you go into the water.
  • Never open your eyes if the water has a lot of chlorine.
  • Feel your eyes. Make sure they are not hot. If they are, flush them out with water for 5 minutes.
  • If you  are facing any eye problem contact your optometrist.

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