4 common eye problems

To protect our precious vision, we must take the necessary precautions. Common vision problems and the best remedies for these.

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  • Causes: Prolonged use of digital devices, reading, and other tedious visual tasks.
  • Symptoms: Tired eyes, with accompanying headache or dizziness, blurred distance vision.
  • Rx: Take frequent breaks— close your eyes or look at a distance to relax your eyes.

Dry eyes

  • Causes: Lack of sleep, prolonged reading or computer work, exposure to wind, electric fan or air conditioning.
  • Symptoms: Sensation of a foreign body in the eye, gritty irritation, redness, itchiness.
  • Rx: Dr. Fajardo advises applying warm compress, getting enough sleep, using lubricating drops, and avoiding allergic triggers like cigarette smoke.

Red eyes

  • Causes: Eye fatigue, severe dryness, infection, allergy.
  • Symptom: Bloodshot eyes.
  • Rx: Dr. Fajardo doesn’t advise using vasoconstrictors (redness relievers) because it can mask symptoms of certain illnesses.


  • Cause: Prolonged use of digital devices.
  • Symptoms: Headache, sudden nearsightedness, blurring of distance vision.
  • Rx: Pseudomyopia vanishes after relaxing your eyes. If symptoms persist, consult your eye doctor.


The perfect eyeglass frame allows people to see the real you. Dr. Sarabia shares some do’s and don’ts:



  • Don’t wear gold frames if you want to look younger.
  • Don’t wear oversized frames if your face is small. Aviators can be aging because it pulls your face down.
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