What Your Doctor Looks For During An Eye Exam

20202 EyeGlassAre you one of the many Americans who skip getting routine eye exams each year? Having a comprehensive eye examination on an annual basis is crucial to maintaining proper eye health. Routine eye exams also can also detect other underlying conditions.  Your optometrist will perform several tests during your eye exam that test and check your vision.  These tests are completely painless.  Some procedures are a bit uncomfortable but they aren’t hard to deal with.  A proper eye exam will take approximately one hour.
One of the first procedures your optometrist will do is test your visual acuity.  This measures the sharpness and clarity of your vision.
Your optometrist will look at your confrontation visual fields during your eye exam as well.  This is a quick check of your basic field of vision including your peripheral vision.
Pupillary Tests are also performed during a routine eye exam.  Pupillary reactions can be very informative when it comes to diagnosing various eye conditions.
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If you haven’t had an eye exam in the last year, make sure you drop into one of our convenient locations to make an appointment or you can contact us online.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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