Get Your Eyes Tested Regularly

Here 2020 Eyeglass superstore provides one of the most complete and thorough eye exams in Orlando/Winter park, Orange city and Melbourne. An eye exam at 2020 Eyeglass superstore will typically take between 30 and 40 minutes.

Seven Steps of an Eye Exam

1. Completing a Health History Form: Completing or updating your health history form, you provide the doctor with an overview of your general health

2. Review of Health History and Pre-Exam Consult: The optician will review your health history with you and discuss any problems you may be having with your vision.

3. Perimetry Test: If the doctor determines it necessary, he or she will perform a threshold perimetry or visual field test to check for blind spots in your peripheral vision.

4. Cover Test: A cover test is a simple procedure for determine how your eyes are working together.

5. Refraction Test: This is the test that most people associate with an eye exam. Using a computerized phoropter.

6. Binocular Slit-Lamp Examination: The slit lamp used in conjunction with a biomicrosocpe allows the doctor to examine the health of your eyes.

7. Dilation Procedure: Your pupils are dilated to allow the doctor to get a better view of the structures inside the eye when an abnormality is suspected.

Depending on your health and age, you should also visit the optometrist to make sure you are above driving standards. Sometimes people won’t even realize they have blurred vision as deterioration tends to happen quite slowly over time. Get Your Eyes Tested Regularly

A visit to the optometrist can also let you know if you have a lazy eye. This is especially important for children, so if you are a parent or guardian, make sure you take your kids in for regular eye exams. Check out our post on Top 5 Tips on Choosing Children’s Eyeglasses for more information on bring your kids to the optometrist.

Certain eye diseases such as Glaucoma show no symptoms and most people are unaware of it until it’s too late. Regular visits to your optometrist can easily pick up eye diseases such as these to ensure your vision is protected.

Want to schedule an eye exam at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore? You can schedule an eye exam online here, or call 321-259-3935

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