EyeWear For Kids: Safety, Fit and Fashion

It’s a common scenario: you start to notice that your child is blinking and squinting frequently, sitting only inches away from the screen during TV time, and holding that book a little too close to their face while reading.

 ). EyeWear For Kids:  Safety, Fit and Fashion

Being an aware parent, you know that vision problems can hinder your child’s development, so you schedule their annual eye examination. The exam ends with the doctor handing you a prescription for the necessary eyewear.

What type of eyewear should you and your little one shop for? Not only are there tons of styles out there, but there’s also lots of technical considerations for fitting and maintaining your child’s eyewear.

Frames: Find Fortitude

Shop for strong frames that can stand up to your child’s active lifestyle. Plastic frames were once known as the sturdier choice for children, although modern innovations have leveled the two frame materials as equals. In fact, hypoallergenic metals like titanium and stainless steel are great for kids because they are strong and can sustain lots of wear and tear.

Lenses: Seek Safety and Strength

Safety is first when it comes to lenses. Most vision experts agree that polycarbonate is the best lens material not only for its impact resistance (often called “shatter proof”), but for its durability and light weight.

Target the Total Fit

Sure, the frame and lenses are important, but adding in the right features can equal fitting perfection. Carefully constructed eyeglasses are virtually useless if they are sliding off your child’s face. Frames that are too tight can cause pain. Talk to your eye care professional about how the below features can give your child’s eyeglasses just the right fit:

  • Adjustable nose pads and Saddle bridges
  • Cable temples
  • Spring hinges

To Contact or Not to Contact

Contact lenses and young children don’t normally mix. This has always been the traditional wisdom that kept many optometrists from prescribing contact lenses to younger children, except for specific vision conditions or involvement in certain sports.

Fashionably Focused

Today’s fashion forward frames that include pop-culture icons themes and removable charms can make hesitant kids comfortable, and even excited, with eyeglasses. And that means they will be more likely to wear them.

We hope you enjoyed our 2013 Fall Eyeglass Trends blog post.  There are many neat looks to choose from for your eyeglasses including nautical, vintage, ombre fading, metallic and vibrant colors. If you’re interested in purchasing new frames for your winter wardrobe, check out our savings section for great deals. We look forward to seeing you in the store soon!
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Overall, when looking for great deals on eyeglasses in Orange City, it’s important to update your prescription, check out various frames online and to ask your friends for their opinions. You’re sure to save money and find a pair that you love too!

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