Eye Safety

Eye injury is the leading cause of blindness for people 25 and under, yet most injuries can be prevented by taking some basic steps to ensure your safety, in all aspects of your life.

Eye SafetyIn the Home: Approximately 40% of all eye injuries occur at home. To help prevent injuries, avoid purchasing furniture and toys with sharp edges; if you have small children, consider padding or cushioning furniture and appliances, and put proper lighting in staircases and dark hallways to help avoid injuries.

Wear safety eyeglasses when working with lawn and gardening equipment, because mowing the lawn, using trimmers and other gardening equipment can throw up rocks and debris, which can get into the eyes.
Car Safety: Battery acid can seriously damage your eyes. To avoid injury from battery acid or other flying debris keep a pair of safety eyeglasses in the trunk of your car to use in emergencies or while performing any repairs or routine maintenance.
Sports: Always wear proper safety eyeglasses when playing sports such as racquetball, baseball, or any other sports and full helmets with face shields for playing hockey. While there are no satisfactory ways to prevent eye injury when boxing or other full-contact sports, wearing padded thumbless gloves may be beneficial and a better choice than professional boxing gloves or open hand gloves that have less padding.
Work: In order to be safe at work, review your workplace safety procedures, wear safety eyeglasses if suggested or required and make sure you know where the first-aid supplies are located and how to use them. It’s also important to know the correct way to use the equipment and make sure the equipment is in proper working order.

The easiest way to prevent most injuries is to wear proper-fitting safety eyeglasses that are made specifically for the type of activity that you are engaged in.
“It only takes a few simple steps to avoid devastating eye injuries and your sight is worth the effort.”

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