Things to Do with Old Eyeglass Glasses

Wondering what to do with those old glasses of yours?Things to Do with Old Glasses You know the ones, with the outdated frames and a prescription from 15 years ago? Believe it or not, there are many things you can do with old glasses.

Recycle them. Pop out the glass lenses and put them in a glass recycling bin. If the frames are metal or plastic, you can recycle those also, if your city offers those recycling services.

Save them. Glasses make a great accessory to many costumes. Remember Harry Potter? Children all over the world were clamoring for glasses on Halloween. Include them in your daughter or granddaughter’s stash of dress-up clothing.

Hand your old glasses down. If they are simple reading glasses, chances are someone in your family could use them after you’ve graduated out of them. Ask around with your family and friends.

Use them again. If you like the frames, ask your local optical shop to switch out the lenses for your current prescription, or make them into sunglasses. Alternately, if the prescription is good but the frames are outdated, simply purchase new frames.

Make your old glasses into a work of art. Be creative. Attach a pair of glasses to a pot for a plant, and glue a nose and a mouth underneath them. Create a sock or paper puppet with your grandchildren, and give it glasses. Pop out the lenses, paint them with glass paint, and hang them from a hoop to make a beautiful wind chime. Or, simply let your artist child paint them with acrylic paint. She might enjoy painting on something other than paper. As an added bonus, let her attach sparkling rhinestones to the frames as well.

Get silly. Put your old glasses on your children’s snowman. It will be the best looking snowman on the block. Set the glasses gently on your pet’s face and take pictures to share with family and friends.

Send them on a trip. Visions Aid Overseas is a charity that sends optometrists overseas, along with glasses, to help communities in developing countries.

Pile them neatly into a decorative bowl and set it next to a stack of serious novels. This will make you look like an intellectual. Bonus points if you have an actual library in your home.

Use them as a gag gift for your friends and family members who are having a milestone birthday, such as a 40th birthday. Attach them neatly to the top of a gift box, in the center of the bow, or wrap them up and include a hat so that both their eyes and imminent baldness are covered.

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Donate them. Many charities, collect glasses to give to people in need who can’t afford them. Ask your eye doctor if he knows of such a charity, or simply give them to a thrift store such as Goodwill. You could also ask the director of a nearby nursing home or retirement center if they are in need of glasses for their residents.

Donating your old eyeglasses is a great way to pay it forward. Your spectacles will bring joy and good vision into someone’s life. 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore is happy to collect, recycle and donate old eyeglasses to people in need. Don’t forget, bring in your old eyeglasses to any 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore location and we’ll give you $30 off your next pair, pay for your eye examination, and donate your old glasses to those in need. We’ll also give you 15% off your total purchase if you mention this online ad. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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