Which Frame Style is Right for Your Face Shape?

What Frame Style is Right for Your Face ShapeMany people have the need to wear eyeglasses. Picking the right frames that fit the shape and angles of the face is one of the most important parts of picking glasses out, after the prescription strength, of course. Since most people’s faces have a whole different combination of shapes, sizes, and contours, the easiest way to find the best frame style is to go with the shape of the face that your features resemble the very most.

Round Face
A person with a round face has the same proportions in length and by width. Rectangle frames are recommended for these types of faces, as they can add some needed angles. A pair that is not any wider than the width of the face is a great choice, and dark colors are also best. Experts also agree that embellishments around the edges of the glasses are not a good idea, as they can actually make a round face look wider.

Heart Face
A heart face is aptly named for those who have a wide forehead, a narrower chin, and a shape that looks like a heart when the hair is pulled back from the forehead. Light colored frames are the best for a heart shaped face, as are rimless frames that are oval or rectangular shaped.

What Frame Style is Right for Your Face Shape? Oval Face
An oval face shape is many times considered to be one of the best shapes since it is the most balanced of all. Most frames will look good on an oval face, although a person should still keep the actual size of their face in mind.

Square Face
Those who have a square face will be characterized by a very strong jaw line, as well as a wider forehead. Frames should be chosen that help minimize the width of the face, as well as make the face look thin and a bit longer. Narrower frames that are wider more than they are thicker will help make the face shape look the best. Narrow oval frames can also help with harsh angles of the face, and many people choose a soft and delicate style to balance out their harder features.

Oblong Face
Those with an oblong face shape have a longer face than what the width is, so frames should try to accentuate the face to make it look shorter. A square frame is the best option for an oblong face. Frame shapes that have more depth in their length will also make the oblong face shape look smaller.

Long Nose
Those who have a longer or larger nose will also be looking for the right frame style for their face. Frames that have a lower bridge will best fit a bigger nose.

It is also important to remember to pay attention to the size of your face when choosing frames. A large pair of frames on a small face or vice versa will not look good. A good rule of thumb is to keep the frames less than the width of the face at the widest part.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to purchasing eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses in Orlando. There are also thousands of options when it comes to finding the perfect frames for your face. As you know, our tagline is, “A Frame For Every Face and a Price For Any Budget”, so we think 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore is the perfect choice for all your vision care needs.

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