Protect Your Child’s Eye From The Winter Sun

Protect Your Child’s Eye From The Winter SunWinter fun is great for the whole family. Quality time, exercise, and fresh air are just a few of the wonderful things about wintertime. Do you know that the winter sun is just as dangerous as the summer sun where your vision is concerned? Your kids are especially at risk, so here are some children’s eye care tips to protect your little ones.

Protective Eyewear

The sun’s rays are warming and delightful, but the UV rays emitted are dangerous. Winter does not lessen the problem, and may actually make it worse under certain conditions. Reflections of UV rays off snow or water amplify the hazard since it then comes from multiple directions. Eyes are vulnerable to these rays and can suffer a sunburn-like condition called Photokeratitis. Incredibly painful, photokeratitis is easy to prevent. Ensuring that your child wears quality UV-blocking sunglasses is the first line of defense. If participating in winter sports, be sure that safety goggles (also UV-rated) are worn. Your children’s eye car specialist can help you select the right eyewear for the activity.


An extra layer of protection or an alternate plan is always a good thing. A brimmed or floppy hat serves well in blocking the sun and the UV rays that may sneak around your child’s sunglasses. It’s also usually easier to get a small child to wear a hat than sunglasses.

Indoor Time

At times, it may make sense to limit a child’s outdoor time during peak sunshine hours if other options aren’t feasible. Plan lots of indoor activities in advance should you need to move the fun inside.

Help protect your kids from painful sunburns and future problems by working with your children’s eye care provider. He or she can lead you to the right options for your children’s good eye health.

The human eye is an amazing organ that most of us rely on every waking moment of the day.  From morning till night, our vision allows us to see beautiful Florida sunsets, our beloved family and much more.  Here at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore, our main goal is to keep you up-to-date on everything related to eye care and eye health.

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