Surprising Facts About Your Eyes

Surprising Facts About Your EyesBelieve it or not, eyes are some of the most complex organs in the human body. How much do you know about your eyes? Read on for some fascinating facts about your peepers.

1. Your Eyes Say A Lot About Your Health.

The muscles that control your eyes are the most active in the entire body, and, arguably, the strongest.

3. Your Makeup May Not Be As Safe As You Think.
From scratched corneas to eye infections, cosmetics can cause serious harm to your health. If used properly, including not sharing makeup with others and throwing it out when it’s too old, eye makeup is generally safe.
4. Your Eyes are Resilient.
Eyes are an astoundingly strong organ. With the protection of the eyelid and lashes, layers of fat, muscle, and skin, as well as 3 layers of tissue on the eye itself, it really does take a lot to damage your eyes. Most superficial scrapes will heal within a few days or less — much faster than your skin.

5. Blue and Green Eyes Are a (Relatively) Recent Development.
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Your vision is priceless and it is important that you maintain your visual wellness by scheduling a yearly comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Drop into 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore for all your eye care needs. We have a frame for every face and a price for any budget. We also have Independent Optometrists located on site who will be happy to examine your vision.

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