Do You Put Mercury In Your Eyes?

Do You Put Mercury In Your EyesWhat’s in your cosmetics? Historically, women suffered for beauty with makeup additives like lead, arsenic, belladonna, antimony and more. But all that is a thing of the past, right? Cosmetics are tested for safety and consumers can apply them without needing to be worried about their health.

Mercury is a known neurotoxin with potentially serious effects including the development of severe cognitive disabilities like poor coordination, memory loss and difficulty learning and retaining information. Especially in children and developing teens, it can hamper development and cause life-long health problems. And the eye, with its fragile mucus membrane, is one of the worst places to apply a product that contains mercury, because the delicate tissues of the eye can rapidly absorb it and feed it directly into the bloodstream.
Mercury makes up less than 1% of the total product, companies are not required to label it on their cosmetics, which means consumers have no way of knowing if a mascara contains mercury or not. This is bad news for consumers worried about the health risk and those trying to limit their exposure to mercury and other toxic compounds, as they have to rely on companies to disclose information about cosmetics ingredients, and few companies will voluntarily discuss toxins in their cosmetics if they can possibly avoid it.
Wearing mascara shouldn’t have to be deadly, and while we’re excited about the Minamata Convention and the overall reduction of mercury in the environment that will result, we’d love to see makeup included too!

Wearing eye make up to look beautyfull is always admire my woman all over the world but always be carefull which type of cosmetics you use.

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