Fruits Are Good For Eye Health

Eyes are amazing as it helps us to see the outside world.Eating fruits and vegetables keeps our eyes healthy.Naturally, fruits are packed with many vitamins and minerals which is required for our over all good health.

Fruits for Healthy Eyes Eating right amount of fruits  in our daily diet reduces the risk of night blindness,age related macular degenerationcataracts and other eye diseases.

Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A(and beta carotene) are dietary antioxidants.These antioxidants protects our body against diseases,keeps our cells and tissues healthy,strengthens blood vessels and boost our immune system.

Beta carotene and vitamin A protects the eyes against dry eyes,night blindness,strengthens retina.

Citrus fruits are good source of vitamin C.They contain flavonoids which protects eyes from cataract and macular degeneration. eg: grapes,cherries,oranges.

List of fruits which are beneficial for eye health.











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Your eyesight is your most precious sense. Add the foods on this list into your weekly diet to keep your eyes beautiful, healthy, and well protected.

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