Juice Recipes for Improving Eyesight

  • Basil (fresh) – 3 leaves 7.5g
  • Carrots – 14 medium 854g
  • Lemon – 1/2 fruit (2-3/8″ dia) 42g
  • Peaches – 5 medium (2-2/3″ dia) 750g


Juice in this order for best flavor: basil, lemon, peaches, carrots

Improving Eyesight

Deficiency of vitamin A can cause some difficulty seeing in dim light. Since carrot is rich in vitamin A it is good for improving eyesight.Macular Degeneration Prevention.

Macular Degeneration Prevention

This is a common eye disease of elderly. It impairs the macula. Researches found that people who ate the most Beta-carotene had a forty percent lower risk of macular degeneration compared with those who consumed the least.

Immune System

Carrots do wonders for boosting the immune system by increasing the production and performance of white blood cells; building resistant to various kinds of infections.

Asthma Help

Lemon juice assists in curing respiratory problems, along with breathing problems and revives a person suffering from asthma. Lemon, being a rich rich source of vitamin C, helps in dealing with respiratory disorders.

To read more about benefits of Peachy Keen Click here.

Your eyesight is your most precious sense. Add the foods nutritions on this list into your weekly diet to keep your eyes beautiful, healthy, and well protected.

Your vision is priceless and it is important that you maintain your visual wellness by scheduling a yearly comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist or ophthalmologist.



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