Vitamins That Improve Eyesight

You may be able to help prevent or delay the onset of these and other eye problems with a high intake of certain nutrients, including vitamins. However, don’t attempt to self-treat any eye condition with supplementary vitamins unless you are under the supervision of a doctor, as some have potentially harmful side effects and may interfere with the function of certain medications.

Your eyesight is your most precious sense. Add the foods on this list into your weekly  list to keep your eyes beautiful, healthy, and well protected.

Vitamin C   vitamin c

People with age-related macular degeneration could lower their risk of irreversible vision loss by taking a combination of vitamins, one of which is vitamin C.

Excellent sources of dietary vitamin C include citrus fruits, vegetables and fruit juice.

Vitamin Evitamin-e

Most people get enough vitamin E to fulfill this requirement from foods including nuts such as almonds, avocados and vegetable oils.

Vitamin E’s strong antioxidant properties helped make it effective against macular degeneration. Taking supplemental vitamin E along with vitamin C may also treat uveitis, a condition in which one of the layers in the eye becomes inflamed and obscures vision.

Vitamin A vitimins A

Your body needs vitamin A to produce rhodopsin, the receptors in your retina that allow your eye to react to light. Without enough vitamin A in your diet you may be unable to see in dim light, a condition known as night blindness. A severe or prolonged vitamin A deficiency can ultimately result in corneal ulcers, scarring, and eventually, a complete loss of vision.


Vitamin D can help inhibit tissue inflammation and the development of abnormal blood vessels that contribute to the eye condition. Your skin synthesizes some vitamin D when you’re exposed to direct sunlight, but good food sources include eggs, fatty fish such as salmon and vitamin D-fortified products like breakfast cereal or milk. Adults should aim to get at least 600 IUs of vitamin D daily.

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