Are 3-D Movies Bad for Your Eyes?

Are 3-D Movies Bad for Your Eyes?With the popularity of 3-D movies, it’s natural to wonder what, if any, effect the technology has on your eyes. Is 3-D technology healthy for your or your children’s eyes?

Although there are no long-term studies, Eye M.D.s say there is no reason to be concerned that 3-D movies, TV or video games will damage the eyes or visual system. Some people complain of headaches or motion sickness when viewing 3-D, which may indicate that the viewer has a problem with focusing or depth perception. Also, the techniques used to create the 3-D effect can confuse or overload the brain, causing some people discomfort even if they have normal vision.

If a healthy child consistently develops headaches or tired eyes or cannot clearly see the images when using 3-D digital products, this may indicate a vision or eye disorder.

However, children who have eye conditions such as amblyopia (an imbalance in visual strength between the two eyes), strabismus (misaligned eyes), or other conditions that persistently inhibit focusing, depth perception or normal 3-D vision, would have difficulty seeing digital 3-D images. That does not mean that vision disorders can be caused by 3-D digital products. However, children (or adults) who have these vision disorders may be more likely to experience headaches and/or eye fatigue when viewing 3-D digital images.

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3D movie can be harmful for your eyes if you dont wear your 3d glasses, dont forget to wear them while watching 3d movie or playing video games. Your vision is priceless protect them.

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