Seven Eye Health Problems You Didn’t Know

seven health problems that an eye doctor can spot firstYour eyes are a window into your overall health, and it’s important to get your eyes checked even if you don’t think you have vision problems.

The seven health problems that an eye doctor can spot first

1. Diabetes: A routine eye exam can detect blood and other yellowish fluids seeping out of fragile and miniscule vessels in the retinas.

2. Cancer: Skin cancer can also be detected through an eye exam, as lesions called basal cell carcinomas can show up on the eyelid and can possibly spread to the brain through the eye.

3. Hypertension: Bleeding in new blood vessels in the eye and bends or kinks in the vessels which normally run straight to the retina, which may be signs of high blood pressure.

4. Autoimmune Disorders: A routine eye exam can detect an inflammation of the light-sensitive retina at the back of the eye, which may be a sign of Lupus or other autoimmune disorders.

5. High Cholesterol: A yellow ring around the cornea, which can be an indicator of high cholesterol: putting you at risk for heart attack or stroke.
6. Thyroid Disease: Bulging of the eyes, which is one of the symptoms of Grave’s Disease – a disorder characterized by an overactive thyroid.

7. Tumors: A visit to the eye doctor can reveal that you have droopy eyelids and pupils that aren’t the same size, which can point to tumors in the neck or even possible aneurysms.

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