Preparing Your Child for an Eye Exam

Preparing Your Child for an Eye ExamThe American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends that a child have his or her first eye examination by six months of age.

Vision screenings are important, they in no way replace a comprehensive eye exam. Many parents ask how they should go about preparing a toddler or young child for their first eye exam. The truth is, some parents often have more apprehension than their child. Following are a few tips for reducing anxiety for both parents and children.

Show and Tell: Talk to your child about eyes and vision in general. Check your local library for children’s books about the eyes.

Take a Test Drive: If you already have an eye doctor you are comfortable with, schedule a “fun visit” to introduce your child. Most optometric offices are willing to schedule an appointment for your child to tour the office without actually having an eye exam.

Relax: If you are apprehensive about your child’s eye exam, your child will be too. Some parents tend to worry that their child may unintentionally give an incorrect responses and wind up getting glasses when they don’t really need them.

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