Exercises Can Smarten Up Your Eyesight

Eye-ExercisesYou don’t need spectacles, lenses, even surgery. Easy-peasy exercises done daily can smarten up your eyesight, says a vision trainer.

Muscles need exercise

Constant exposure to pollution, harsh lights from tele vision and computer usage, poor sleeping and eating habits all come together to affect the health of our eyes.

Vision yoga exercises involve movements that massage the eye ball, work out muscles that control eye movement and provide relief to the overworked organ.

For your eyes only

Sun Swinging
Swing your body from side to side with your eyes shut in front of a light source or under the sun. Do this for 5 minutes. Benefits: It massages the eye ball

Pendulum exercise
Make the eye focus shift from side to side, tailing a moving object like a pendant on a chain.
Benefits: It works the oblique muscles and helps the lens focus

Snellen’s chart
Read an alphabet chart, tracing a path across it.
Benefit: It improves the central fixation at distant objects

Eye wash
Place an eye cup filled with water, over your eyes and blink 10 times.
Benefit: It tones voluntary and involuntary muscles

Swing Focus on a ball that’s being pulled towards you and pushed away.
Benefits: It strengthens eye muscles.

Human eye is an amazing organ that most of us rely on every waking moment of the day.

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