Prevent Your Glasses from Sliding

Prevent Your Glasses from SlidingIt’s annoying to have your glasses slipping off your nose so often, and it’s equally annoying to keep pushing them back. Here are some tips to help.

• Keep your nose oil free by wiping it with a wet tissue or washing your face with an oil removing face wash.

• Have a rubber patch or an oil absorbing pad on the nose rest of your eyeglass as it will keep the nose rest fixed on your nose for long.

• Buy glasses with a properly fitting bridge so that the nose rest and the glass frame stays close to your face, grabbing your nose.

• You can also have a sling tied to the eyeglass arms behind your head to keep your glasses from falling and slipping.

• Using rubber ear sleeves over each earpiece is also effective. The weight of the frame shifts on to the ears rather than the nose bridge.

• Clean the nose rest often with a piece of cloth to remove the accumulated oil.

• Adjust the nose rest so that the frame sits close to your eyes. If the frame stays close to your eyes, it will not slip.

• Buy lightweight frames as the lighter the frame, the lower the probability of slipping.

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