Eyeglasses For Your Children

iStock_000020074017XSmall-270x300According to Parenting.com, approximately one in twenty preschoolers wear eyeglasses. This is an important statistic to consider if you haven’t taken your child to get his or her eyes checked. If you find out your little bundle of joy needs corrective lenses, here’s how to choose the best frames:

1. Choose eyeglasses that flatter your child’s face. Most children have round faces which means a squarish style will look best. You should also choose smaller frames.

2. Pick frames that are flexible for your child. We know bright, colorful, plastic frames are all the rage for 2013 but they can be brittle and break easily. Metal frames are easier to adjust and you should look for eyeglasses with titanium hinges that will bend easily with your children’s movements.

3. Pick frames that are impact-resistant such as polycarbonate lenses. We all remember gym class, make sure your child’s eyeglasses will stand the “ball in the face” test. Another way to protect your child’s lenses is to add an antireflective coating.

The best way to choose eyeglasses for your children is to include them in the process. Personally, my daughter needed to start wearing eyeglasses when she was six years old. I was very worried that she wouldn’t want to wear eyeglasses, but, surprisingly, she was very excited to purchase her new frames! She started a trend in her school and all the kids begged their parents to purchase frames, even if they didn’t need a prescription!

If you’re on the market for new eyeglasses for your children, we hope you’ll consider 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore. You’re welcome to bring your little one into any of our locations and try on as many pairs as you like. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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