Tips for Applying Eye Cosmetics Safely

Tips for Applying Eye Cosmetics SafelyIt’s also important to apply your eye makeup safely to help prevent injury. Getting anything that close to your eye can potentially cause damage — so when you’re painstakingly drawing that perfect line, take care not to get the cosmetics in your eye.

Here at 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore, we’re in the business of connecting customers with the perfect pair of eyeglasses, sunglasses and/or contact lenses. Additionally, we love teaching people about proper eye care and tips.
Try these eye cosmetic safety suggestions:
  • Never put your eye cosmetics on while you’re driving or riding in a car. Your mascara wand can all too easily scratch your cornea — not to mention the risks of inattentive driving. You may also want to avoid applying eye makeup on buses or subways – sudden stops can also increase the risk that you’ll scratch your eye.
  • Skip eye cosmetics when you’ve got an irritated or infected eye — and if you think that a particular cosmetic is irritating your eyes, stop using it right away.
  • Keep eye cosmetics outside of your eye — don’t use eyeliner on the inner eyelids, where makeup can get inside your eye.
  • Always wash your hands before you dig into your makeup bag and start applying eye cosmetics.
  • Avoid eye cosmetics that are iridescent, glittery, or shiny, as they may contain ingredients that could scratch or irritate the eye.
  • Make sure that all eye cosmetic applicators are clean before you use them — it’s a good idea to wash or replace all brushes and sponges frequently.
We hope you enjoyed our four tips on applying eye cosmetics safely. Drop in at 20/20 Eyeglass Orangecity Making a budget, updating your prescription, taking care of your eyeglasses and doing your research are great ways to stay on plan!

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