Traveling Tips for Your Eyes

Traveling Tips for Your EyesIf traveling is in your future, it is especially important to plan ahead if you wear corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Follow these tips to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you and your eyes.


1. Bring a back-up pair of eyeglasses.

2. Ask your eye doctor for a sample of cleaning solution. During travel, it’s easy to smudge your glasses, especially when traveling with pets or small children.

3.Carry a small eyeglass repair kit in case your glasses become lose or need adjusting.

4.If you have your current prescription with you, at least you can avoid the expense of another eye examination.

Contact Lenses

1. Pack an extra contact lens case.

2. Don’t forget your eyeglasses.

3. Bring contact lens re-wetting drops.

4. Bring your eye doctor’s business card or contact information. An updated copy of your contact lens prescription.

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