Choose the Best Eyewear Style for Your Face Shape

Choose the Best Eyewear Style for Your Face ShapeIt’s a great time to be wearing glasses. With frames now available in a creative variety of shapes, colors and materials, shopping for a new pair can make you feel like a kid in an eye candy store.

There are general guidelines that can help you hone in on eye wear shapes that will suit and fit your face well while complementing your image and lifestyle needs. First, determine your face shape by pulling back your hair and using a mirror to match up with one of the shapes in the image.

Related article: follow these facial measurements if you want to be more precise.

If you have angular features such as prominent cheekbones and jawline, get curvaceous with rounder frame shapes.

Frame color can really give your eyes a lift.

If you have a higher prescription, keep the frame small so that your eyes don’t get magnified comically.

Your eyes should always be centered in the frame—often, this is a matter of fitting but if your nose tends to be flatter on the top, you might need frames with more height to lose that librarian look.

Don’t let this confine you to exploring all the great eyewear designs out there.

The best way to know if you’re comfortable with a frame is to keep trying them on—what may not look good on the shelf will have a very different feel once you inhabit it.

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