Color Blindness

Color BlindnessContrary to the name, there are very few who suffer from color blindness who do not see any color at all. Most people who are color blind will only be prevented from seeing certain shades of a color or will recognize certain colors as an incorrect color. It is rare that a color blind person will only be able to see grey, black and white.


What Causes Color Blindness?

Color blindness occurs when the there is an issue with the three types of cone cells within the macula that sense red, green and blue colors. If the cone cell is missing, the person won’t see that color at all. If something is damaged within the cone cell, the person may only see certain shades of that color or may interpret that color as another such as confusing blue and green.


Will Color Blindness Worsen Over Time?

Color blindness does not get progressively worse over time. It never changes and cannot be corrected. Most people who are color blind have to learn to adapt to a world of color in other ways such as memorizing the order of color on traffic lights.


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