Nutritional Benefits of Dates

Dates-Benefits-For-HealthDate is a delicious fruit with a delighting sweet taste. And it’s comparatively cheaper too. So for the dry fruit loving people it’s a gift.

1. Dates regulate bowel movements. Increase in bowel activity creates constipation problem.

2. Dates are great to taste It consumes normal growth development of body. Dates also contain sugars like fructose and dextrose and these can energize body in an instant.
3. The greatest advantage of dates for intestine is its content of nicotinic inside the fleshy part.

4. These fruits also contain Vitamin A with antioxidant properties that keeps eye healthy. You can get good eyesight by regular consuming of dates. The fruits which are enriched with vitamin A have the ability to protect your eye from outer infectious elements.
5. Date’s nutritional benefits are also effective in preventing the body from toxic compounds.

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Photo credit: nawfalkanz