Suggestions For Good Eye Health

People are afraid of losing their sight. Still, many people are not familiar with the ways of taking care of their eyes.

Get your eyes tested every year.

2020 Eyeglass Suggest's You Top Tip For Good Eye Health

Blindness is straight forward linked to smoking, so quit the habit. Smokers are more prone to macular degeneration (the major cause for blindness) as compared to non-smokers or past smokers.

Relative history: Some of the eye problems are hereditary such as glaucoma or squint. So, people should know about their family eye history, eye diseases such as Glaucoma show no symptoms and most people are unaware of it until it’s too late. Regular visits to your optometrist can easily pick up eye diseases such as these to ensure your vision is protected.

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Contact care: If lenses are used, then proper care should be taken of the lenses. They should be washed properly, hands should be dried before touching the lenses or your eyes. The lens should be cleaned with the lens solution only.

Protect your eyes: The eyes should be protected with safety glasses or protective goggles in case you are working with unsafe or airborne materials.

Keep fit and healthy: Regular exercises are necessary to live a healthy life. But, while playing games such as squash, you must wear safety guards such as a helmet or sports goggles to guard your eyes from a flying ball.

Eat Healthy and Nutirious Food: Your diet plays an important role in the care and protection of your eyes and is your first line of defense to prevent eye related illnesses, blindness, and other sight impairment issues. Fortunately, nutritionists have pinpointed key nutrients that can promote healthy eyes.

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