How to Pick the Right Glasses to Suit Your Face

Are your glasses too big or too small or dark or pale for your face. This article will show how to pick the right glasses for your face.

  1. Consider the size of your head.
    • If you have a small head then you want to choose glasses that are smaller instead of the bigger glasses.
    • And if you have a bigger head then buy bigger glasses (But not too big). Because you don’t want them flopping all over your face.
  2. Look at your complexion.
    • Now if you have a very pale face go for a more neutral colour Like pink or a light purple.
    • If you have a skin tone that’s in the middle, go for a colour like green blue or brown,
    • And now if you have a darker face, go for a more darker colour like black or, Dark purple and make sure (if you want) to include a pattern.
  3. Finished.
    To read the original article click here.
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